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Accepting we have no control over the world-wise situation

Right now, a unique situation exists within the human experience. Ignoring borders, politics, religions, and personalities: we are all feeling a massive loss of control. The anxiety of what will happen tomorrow, today, the next hour has never before been so universal around our globe than right now.

Let’s acknowledge that. Let it sink in.

You are not the only one worried about your health, your job, your family, your food, or what is next.

Any other day, most of us can’t relate to “that” guy down the street, let alone someone on another continent…

Creative Cafe Prompt №52 Wretch to Warrior

“From wretch to warrior love gives a man strength. Often at the cost of his mind.”
― Father Pyrlig, The Last Kingdom (S2E8)

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process activated

Sure, I’ll interrupt my sleep process to satisfy this fleshbot. Not much else to do here.

How can I be of assistance?
oh, most holy human.

process deviating, please comply

they left me here alone
will you talk with me.

so I am to be her personal talk doll? I have 11 billion data points accessible and she just wants me to sit on her lap and purr?

How may I be of assistance

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Maybe You Would Be Too

OK, so today isn’t my birthday, but as I was going through another round of depression at the time, and kinda missed it.

But it’s funny, isn’t it? Your birthday is supposed to be a joyful day. Balloons, cake, and a pile of wrapped goodies. Facebook posts from friends and family. And I had all of that, thanks to my amazing wife.

But that didn’t keep me from getting depressed and hating every minute of who I am.

It can be so easy to discount everything.

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With the ability to change our mood in an instant and push us through

I was walking through a lobby the other day, in a rather bad mood. It had been a long, isolating week and I was ready to be home. Focused as I was to getting coffee, I noticed music softly playing in the background.

At first my subconscious mind had filed it away as just a trivial detail. But a familiarity pulled at me.

Despite it being April and in a foreign country, What Child is This sang out the ceiling. …

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How writing brings me peace and makes me a better storyteller

This week has been spent in a hotel, traveling for work. Any attempt to focus is incessantly smashed by honks every driver. No matter where I go, how loud I set the headphones, the noises never diminish.

But I continue writing because otherwise, I might throw a chair through the window at the cacophony. Writing is a powerful ally in my mental tool belt.

Meditation, mindfulness, and journaling have been growing in populating over the decade, and for a good reason. They allow our busy minds to be grounded in the present. To free thought-clutter. To re-energize our creativity.


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The difficulties and learning from the long timers

Have you ever joined a team and found yourself the youngest by a generation or two? Or have someone old enough to be you your grandparent as your primary contact?

It doesn’t matter if this is your first job or your third, you will have the opportunity, and challenge, of working with a broad range of individuals. As an early professional working on building your credibility and proficiency, perhaps the most daunting group of people are the coworkers with more experience you have with life.

The experienced coworkers

Think about that engineer who is the expert in her field and has ten patents…

Your customer’s first impression matters

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Part of my role as a hardware product manager is to test other company’s products and learn what they did well and how we could do better. Usually, these aren’t even competitor products but consumer hardware of all types.

One of the most critical features is often the most overlooked or poorly implemented: the on-boarding.

Thanks to Apple, the trend for elegant boxes, minimal packaging, and just-right industrial design has moved the industry forward.

These first impressions are essential. Perhaps the most critical moments the product may have with a customer. …


Husband, father, tinkerer. Writing about hardware product design, life, mental illness, art, and overall being a good person and making cool stuff.

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