Cross-platform mobile development: the boom between mobile applications.

Nowadays, the mobile app market grows everday more and more. Many conpanies no not want to miss the opportunity to join this business and create an applicactions that meets their needs. Since the emergence of the first smartphones, companies have seen how application stores form an opportunity to offer both products and advertising and marketing about themselves being able to reach a global market simply and effectively. Moreover, because of the popularization of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it is a need for businesses to be closer of their customers or users through traditional apps, loyalty applications, or data colletion applications that makes a lot of sense if their users are an employee.

Consumers around the world and businesses are adopting smartphones at a fast pace as well as a production of mobile aperating systems available on these smartphone. One important thing before you make an application is to choose the right platform to launch into it, as well as features and functionalities you want it to have. For instance by gamifying the use of apps in some way or by simply offering interesting features they can be more appealing for users. By developing an app in each one of the existing platforms you can enjoy having you business to be available for ever user at anywhere, which can help you to gain more customers, profits and increase you brand recognition.

Therefore, the existence of different platforms, which are also so heterogeneous in terms of the type technology used to develop the applications, makes it necessary to invest time and extra money to make the same application in each of the platforms like iOS or Android. It is important to develop each app with their own characteristics and designs dependent on the platform in which they are to be executed. That is why in the last years, have appeared different technologies that allow different app developers to writing common code and, in some cases, a single code using the cross-platform mobile development. This is a great point to consider when launching is required as soon as possible. Developing cross-platform mobile applications is simpler and faster, since you use general codes that are known to a programmer and you do not need to carry out the same process for each operating system.

The boom in the sector and a need for customers to have a presence in the widest possible range of devices, without losing sight of the goal of reducing the time to market, increasingly demand more cross-platform solutions. A first option, especially for companies that already have a service on the web and want to make the leap to mobile devices, is to adapt their web application with a responsive design, which adapts to different resolutions of mobile devices already its touch interface. It is clear that if the cost is not an obstacle in your company, or you are sure that your app will be profitable, a best option will always be the development of a native application for each platform like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. If your budget is limited, web applications also have great advantages for your business.

On the other hand, in any modern development, the first stone that must be put is a backend since it will be a transversal part that also must be able to share between the different environments in which the applications will run, that is to say, the apps for each platform, as well as web applications and desktop applications, must share a common backend that allows them to perform the same operations with the same rules. Our company counts with an excellent and professional team of app developers who can build an application with a back-end that will run in each platform you want it to be. At the same time, we can advise you on the most effective modality of development according to your needs. We have professionals on several topics like cross platforms mobile development that can develop web and mobile apps according to your needs and requirements.

Cross-platform mobile application development is currently booming. Therefore, small and big business owners can take advantage of not only having an app but also deploy them in every existent platform in order to gain more customers, to have a wide range of promotion and be more profitable. Besides, many companies often mistakenly believe that mobile applications are only worthwhile for large corporations or certain industries. They often believe that such applications are too expensive or too specific to their needs and assume that a general web page will suffice. This cannot be further from the truth. Almost any company, regardless of industry or size, can benefit from a mobile application. In fact, with the powerful apps on the market today, some companies would not be able to survive without them.

Cross-platform mobile development:

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