Hammer and a Nail to a Pen and Paper

This past year has been one of many turns, lots of planning and new adventures. From working in a job I wasn’t enjoying, to starting a new career, I couldn’t have asked to re write this year in any way, simply because I think if I did, it wouldn’t have gone like this…

In January of 2017, I made the decision to quit the wet, miserable monotonous job of framing chicken barns to start a job in…. I didn’t know what yet. I had been working at this job for a few months, learning lots and making great money, but something wasn’t right. The people were great, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I had dreaded waking up every morning, only to get in my truck and drive to a wet, cold work site to smash out 8 hours of work, which didn’t stimulate my brain the way I needed it to. So, I quit. After long talks with my girlfriend, and not knowing where to go next, I took her advice and gave my notice. I then applied everywhere I could, and landed a job a week later servicing and installing dairy barn equipment. I should mention that somewhere in this time frame, I applied to BCIT for the Journalism course starting in fall. Still, I wasn’t 100% sold on what I wanted for a career.

The following months at my new job were fantastic. Again I was learning many new skills, and because I was back into the dairy industry (where I had grown up) I felt right at home. I was running my own jobs, working in teams to get jobs done, and most importantly, going somewhere new every day, doing something new. As weeks went on, I knew I actually loved my job for once, and woke up every morning excited for a new day! On the back burner of my life however, the application of BCIT was going through the system. I finally got an email about entry exams, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend them. This is because the course was originally a way to get me out of jobs I hated and into something new. Since I was at this new job, however, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave it so soon, because I was actually enjoying it! But my gut was telling me to keep my options open, so I took the exam, and gave it my best.

During the next few months I had spent a good portion of my days waiting for the exam results, wondering what I would do if I got accepted. Should I decline the offer this year, and go through the motions again next year hoping to get in? Or let go of this security, and venture onto something new, while on a good note. It took many weeks of contemplation, not knowing if I would even get accepted. If I didn’t get accepted, then what? Would I be here forever? My indecisiveness was really getting to me until one day at work my phone lit up with an email. I frantically opened it up to find an acceptance letter from BCIT. I was shaking with joy, and as soon as I could, I told everyone who cared. It was all so real now, and at this point I had to really buckle down and weigh out my options. I reflected on what was going on, and realized that this job was only temporary fulfillment, and could get tiring like the rest of them, but this new opportunity was much more.

My girlfriend and I then made the decision that I would quit my job again, and spend the summer backpacking Europe, while documenting it by video. By the time I came back, I would have a week before school starts, and I would be onto another adventure. This seemed like the perfect plan. I gave one months notice to my boss, and on June 7th, we departed Vancouver and were off to Ireland! We started off not knowing how to edit properly, get proper shots, proper audio, or proper sequencing, but by the end, taught ourselves all those aspects, at least enough to get by. We had an amazing 2 months in Europe and met up with many friends along the way. When it was time to come home, we were both okay with it, because we felt the refreshment we needed, and knew we’d be on to new things.

During the trip, I thought a lot about my program, and despite all my excitement, I was still skeptical about whether it was for me or not. I had always worked in agriculture and trades, and none of these skills would directly transfer over. It wasn’t until the first week at school that this all changed. After meeting new friends and learning new skills, I realized all I wanted in my life was the freedom to work anywhere (respectively) and be creative in my own style. This trip to Europe fully embraced that, and from the vibe I was getting at school I could tell I had signed up for the right career.

Only time will tell where I go from here, but with this program, I am learning skills that will open up an array of professions. Radio, videography, photography, reporting, and writing are only some of them, and frankly, there’s many careers that combine all of these skills. Right now, I am writing this blog in a coffee shop, which beats the rainy, cold life of construction any day, so it seems like I’ve crossed one goal off my list!

Writer, Photographer, Lover of Nature.