An Unrepentant Liberal’s Post-Election Action Plan
David Hoff

Excellent analysis, David, but I would add two nuances. First, many voted against Hillary, and we should know more about why and what they disliked the most. I suspect it was such a pervasively negative campaign on both sides that the negative messages overwhelmed the stronger “first woman” theme, and completely submerged her issues — which I expect we both share, about diversity, community, mobility and care. Reaching out for those themes first may help build bridges for future campaigns.

Second, I think it’s also time to re-think some of our “solutions” to problems long misunderstood — ranging from gentrification to tariffs to unions to equity. And to craft new solutions to problems that, while not solved, have changed. I strongly urge you to look at Maker City, which frames a new kind of economy, hyperlocal, and very much Eastern Massachusetts. Transcending the barriers of race, disability, sex, sexuality, language and age takes a new view of the economy, and of the kind of community that can sustain that change.

Glad you reached out, and hope I can contribute.