Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition
Jordan Greenhall

Interesting read, forwarded to me by a mentor. 
I find the juxtaposition of your use of “Church”, comments about “the” “evangelicals” and a lack of understanding of the power and possible redemptive and unifying power of Christianity interesting. First, you see the political (as well as economic theory/power and value-driven) groups as a belief/worldview/community set. That has some validity, but read on.
Then there is a (and I say this carefully, not wanting to totally use the broad brush) quick dismissing of conservative Christians as a monolithic group. Even the “former” “evangelical” was seriously misled if they believed this was the case. 
Which gets to my suggestion- not really an action by many in this conversation, I don’t believe, but maybe…
As people learn to swim in this new ocean, they will learn to be single-minded about the things most important to them. Those of us with a Christian faith would do well in such an environment- because our leader’s two foci are Almighty God, who loves everyone, and the very people who have all these varying opinions. The church actually has done some of its best work in the “in-between” times, when there was no single unifying power (post Rome, post colonial times in many countries, after natural or man-made humanitarian crises). If we all learn to be about what we feel most important, WHILE RESPECTING OTHERS with whom we agree and disagree, you may find that those who put God and others first have much to say about blue and red issues. You will find careful, Godly people all over all of the issues, and do well to listen to their God-and-others-centered thoughts. You will also find them among the hardest and most persistent workers for those issues that matter to the Kingdom. It’s when it thinks it either has power or is under attack that the modern church has trouble. 
So while I understand your use of the term church (better than many Christians use it), I suggest that as it has in the past, the true church- people changed loving God and others- may be part of the solution for these changing times.

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