I went to juvenile hall for truancy of all things

I am a 14, then 13, year old male, who spent five days in a juvenile detention center. Here is my story.

I was tired of going to public school. I wanted to seek out alternative schooling options. I was pushed to my mental limit. I started refusing to go to school. Side not, I do not do drugs, party, or anything at all. I mostly just browse online, game, watch tv, or talk with friends. I was an honor roll student with a gpa of 3.61. I could grap simple concepts the day they were taught, but the class would spend weeks on them. The other kids were very distracting, mocking the older teachers.

Anyway, for a period, I refused to go to school. I wanted to actually learn, and my public school was not a place of learning anymore. I was sent to see a counselor, who said there was no underlining mental conditions. He said whatever was causing me not to go to school, it was within the school setting. I would go for a few weeks, stop for 4 days, etc. I did this for a few months until march. The courts got involved. They told me I would be on probation. For not going to school I was on probation. I then tried VERY hard to comply with my PO but failed and missed more school. Eventually I enrolled in an online school which I use to this day (and enjoy.) I was given another court date. The judge said he was “sick of my actions against society” and he found me guilty of violation of probation (because there was a one week period where I was changing from public to online in which I did not attend public school.) He gave me a $100 court fee, supervised probation, 24 hours of community service, and the real kicker: 5 days in a maximum security youth holding facility.I was taken from the court room to the detention center, which was a door away from the court room. I was sat down on a metal bench while paperwork about me was filed. I was then taken to a desk and given some form of survey to “determine my threat level to myself and others,” along with some verbal questions. I was offered dinner but declined, as it smelt like the 1940s era barbecue sauce bottle I have (I collect antique bottles.) I was taken to an area, but was never searched. I was told to take off my clothing and start the shower. I was then given a cup of horrible spelling chemicals which I found out was delouser. I showed, smelling like chemicals, and then was given too tight clothing. The clothing consisted of used white boxers, used hole filled socks, denim pants, a blue undershirt, blue sweatshirt, and blue denim sleeveless jacket of sorts. For reference, I am about 15 pounds overweight, but nothing major. I was taken to a cell and told to pee in a cup. I did so, and was told to “stay tight”. I sat in that cell for four hours before anybody checked back in on me. It smelt horrible, the walls were covered in a yellow runoff. There was hair everywhere. The door was covered in drawings about sex, drugs, and gangs. A guard eventually came in and told me to go with him. I was given a brown stained white t shirt and a pair of mix boxers/shorts. This was our nighttime clothing. Our beds were raised concrete with a one piece vinyl mattress. We were given two blankets made out of an anti suicide smock material. I folded one into a blanket and cried myself to sleep. The worst night of my life.

The next day we woke up at around sunrise. Our cell block was divided into a and b side. It was a one floor hallway, each side consisting of 9 rooms. A side showered in the morning, while B side showered at night. I was on b side. We were taken to a classroom so we could request phone calls or commissary. I asked to see the counselor, as I was very scared. We then went back to our cells until breakfast. Breakfast consisted of two pieces of toast, some jelly, a carton of milk, a small bag (yes, a weird bag material) of juice. Sometimes the juice type would change. The protein of the meal changed every day, from peanut to a hard boiled egg. We then we back to our cell until “school” started. School looked like they had taken all the chairs, desks, etc, out of a schools storage and put them in there. One desk, barely legible in the corner, said “Michael, ‘76”. We then began our “lesson.” It was some lesson on determining what you pay in taxes, which I know is not 8th grade curriculum (I was 8th grade at the time.) After class we went back to our cells for 2 minutes, then to another class. Watched a movie. Back to cells. Lunch. Lunch was wheat noodles and tomato paste with an uncut bread chicken style patty. Horrible. Then back to class. Eventually we were let outside for 30 minutes. I talked to a few of the kids. They asked why I was in and how long. I told them and they laughed. One said he was in for having meth. Another ran away from home, even though he had a child on the way. I found out one boy had nearly killed his grandparents by beating them (others told me, not him.) The kid who beat his grandparents was ELEVEN. An eleven year old in jdc.

Back to cells. Dinner. Shower. Bed. Bed was the worst part because it was so uncomfortable. Repeated this for two days, but replace schooltime with sitting in cell. (I was taken in Thursday night, after my court date, and would be released on Tuesday.) On Sunday they made us clean our cells. Mops and such. They also had some baby faced teen come in, a baptist, and start going on about god to the same kids who painted pentagrams in their cells with their owns blood and feces. I went to get out of my cell. Monday and Tuesday were relatively the same. On Monday we had a class after school. Taught us about “rational thinking” or whatever. How dare they force me into a place as crazy as juvenile hall, and then have the GULL to lecture me on “rational thinking.”

I was eventually released on Tuesday. After eating jdc slop for 5 days I loved eating a 20 piece chicken nugget with EVERY sauce at McDonalds. Long story short, me not going to school was such a horrible thing that not only did I have to complete 24 hours of walking in 90 degree heat picking up garbage to “repay my debt to society,” but I was SUCH a danger to myself and others that I needed to be detained in a MAXIMUM security facility for 5 days.