The thing about bubbles is that they always burst.
Dr Arif Akhtar

Gnosis was and is massively overvalued, this is true. It’s also true that this over value was by design. It is not true to take this sample and apply it to all under the Bubble classification. This market, well circa 10% of the circa 890 coins, is a reflection of the so called ‘real economy’, yet with lower costs, more accountability, greater scaling and much more efficiency.

Until this emerging new economy increase to anything like what it’s trying to replace, it cannot come under the what I understand to be a ‘Bubble’ it’s not event close.

There will be some anomalies and so will realise that they have invested in ‘Scams’ and some will fail, just like what it’s replacing, but again, this is not to be confused with ‘Bubble’ or when drops happen ‘a Bubble bursting’

This is just how it see it and I am really impressed with how quickly this new economy is evolving, I love it :)

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