WTF Is Apple Thinking With the New MacBook Pro and Touch Bar?
Trent Lapinski

I have a late 2013 13" retina. i was in the market for a 15" machine as i’m finding the 13" a little too small. But i wont be buying the new 15" MBP because of the stupid touch-bar! its a gimmick, aimed at people who want fast access to emojis. Its not aimed at professionals who’s muscle memory allows them to navigate the function keys with their eyes closed, and whats it going to do when i run Windows on it? will Bootcamp/Parallels support the touchbar, or will all the function keys vanish when running Windows?? maybe that's apple’s the objective…

As for removing the SD slots and the USB slots, that's really a problem for me. How am i supposed to get the photos off my DSLR with no SD slot? do i need to buy another cable and rely on the DSLR’s slow USB transfer speed? or buy a special USB-C to SD card reader which i will lose and spend hours looking for each time i need it?

Dell XPS 15 is now on my shopping list.. Apple have lost a customer, and as you say, there likely wont be another version of the MBP out for at least three more years, by which time i’ll have no reason to look back at Apple…

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