A Letter to my Ex’s

Dear Ex-girlfriends,

You all keep haunting me when I sleep. I have long moved on but my subconscious hasn’t. The dreams get more vivid every night. I can see your smiles and beautiful bodies so lucidly. I crave your touch like a drug addict seeking another hit. Your lips against mine with my hands around your hips. Your soft moans and movements so sharply etched into my memory.

My lustful mind doesn’t think of any other women I’ve been with. Only you, the select few. Only those I felt most comfortable and close to. It’s always sexual. Why does my mind still crave you?

Maybe it’s your voluptuous body. Perhaps it’s the others skinny waist and perfect ass. It could even be another’s big breasts and butt. Why can’t I let you all go? Maybe a part of you is stuck to me. I guess I gave a part of myself to you.

I woke up today covered in sweat. I knew right away what I had been dreaming of. Her huge breasts were bouncing in my face and she was saying my name over and over.

Do I feel like I never got closure? Why do I still dream of these exes? It’s something I'll have to dig deeper into.

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