10 Days in Japan

My friends at home constantly ask, “when are you moving to Japan?” and my Japanese friends constantly ask, “what do you like about Japan?”. To answer the former question, I love San Francisco and it is the city that will always be my home. I thought I would partially answer the latter question with a collections of pictures.

Friends and Karaoke
Responsive elevator buttons
UFO Catchers!
A place that preserves traditions.
Efficient vending machines for taking your orders.
Toilets that sing to you
Cheap, fresh and amazing bentos!
Curry Ramen
Treasure Boxes
Friends :)

Hmmmm it appears that it’s mostly friends and food :) But there are other parts of the culture that are aspirational. The discipline, the specialization in their craft, attention to detail, sense of honor and service. At the end of the day, it’s just really about all the amazing people in this country.

I tried to insert links in as many of the photo descriptions as possible, which will hopefully be helpful.

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