It’s impossible to know if they’re rare; I don’t have open misogynists in my social circle, but…
Glenn Fleishman

The vast majority of men I know don’t consider themselves hostile towards women or non-gender binary conforming individuals (transitioning, androgynous, etc.) but they accept, re-purpose, and provide cover for it.

I think that’s part of why the locker room talk argument doesn’t hold up. At some point, you begin to believe whatever philosophy you’re throwing on the table regularly. Essentially, what men like Billy Bush and Trump are saying (and then acting on) is that women aren’t independent, creative, autonomous beings with their own thoughts, concerns, ideas, victories and failures.

That can include things like: talking about women behind their backs, talking over them in work meetings or social environments, taking credit for their ideas without proper attribution, and offering back handed praise that focuses on things that a person isn’t in control of (what other people think of them, physical characteristics, etc.).

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