Hinking Catholic walkway (聖母山莊步道)

I went to JiaoXi in YiLan last week. I drove firstly on highway no. 5 to Ping Lin, then turn toward Bei Yi Road from Ping Lin to YiLan, where is quite beautiful on this road.

Then I drove about 30 mins to arrive at WuFongChi tour district. I was not very familiar with that rural area, so that I drove around for seeking parking lot. After parking,I began walking forward the cathedral in the mountain.

The walkway behind Cathedral became sloping. It was quite challenge for me. There are 3.7 km distance from Cathedral to the gate of sky (通天橋)to the top of mountain. I climbed 2 km and felt exhausted, so that I decided to be back. I didn’t not prepare well and not serious on this hiking. However, after that, I begin missing the difficult experience of climbing. I will be back soon. Mountain is always there. I will challenge it!!

Bei Yi Road
A walkway behinds Cathedral
A walkway toward the peak
On Bei Yi Road
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