Media effectiveless

This is how I feel about media nowadays: “Effectiveless”.

Old coverage style can not work in digital era. News needs to be repositioned and redifined.

Should media be positioned as a content provider? Now everyone use cellphone embeded with camera and microphone. Everyone can be a jounalist in neighborhood. What’s the special if media can not provide value to audiance?

News should be repositioned as a new relationship with audiance, a new form of report, a new business model. The quality of coverage needs more support from expense. “Virus communication” make traditional media profitless.

Media requires to focus on “where” and “by what method” to add value to customers.

Deep knowing community, and deliver informaiton to community to make them effective.

Mass media is not working. Now media business model is “the relationship” with audience in community. “local content” can make media connect with the people. It is the center of relationship with local pople, knowing eath other.

In information flow, news becomes more present the process, rather than the result.

Coverage also needs to mix with new writing skills, including using linkage of reference, photo, audio, video,opinion, and comment.

Mass media is not effective. media is not “the gate keeper”, but an organizer, promoter, and educator. A converage becomes a composite of informaiton asset. Public people are segmented by diffefent attributes.

Because of those change, media definately requires transformation finding out the core value for to be the best in the particular segmentation.

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