The most important thing about investment and life (1)

I read Howard Marks’ book about investment and life recent days. Both of that are similar. Investment is an insight. Everyone can chat about invesment, but just a few people can comprehend a sophistical insight, seeing the value by deep comprehensive thinking. Most of us are superficial when obtaining all messages in daily life. Just only a few poeple can create a deep insightful thinking.

The difference on investment and life is the way of thinking, which is distinguish between ordinary and outstanding. It is a point of view of a maverick on the value.

Since the market has never been efficient, finding the difference between value and price by excellent analysis becomes a great capability. Information analysis is an superior advantage if people want to obtain a better result.

Fundamental analysis is a necessary capability for finding a corporate intrinsic value. . The past performance can not predict the future’s. Theory can be a good reference, but not a decision, made by theory. A professional investor can estimate the accurate intrinsic value by using proficient financial analysis with persistence.

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