Ideas Are Scary

“Ideas are scary, messy, and fragile, but under the proper care, they become something beautiful!”

This is from a GE’s commercial. One of the best commercials that I have ever seen in my life. One of the most touching commercials that makes me wanted so-badly to share with entrepreneur and inventor friends.

You can watch the commercial here (click the link):

When I invent something, more than often at beginning, the invention is not only not beauty and arguably functional, operable, or even practical. Without a finished product, people often don’t understand it- no matter how hard you explain it. Even when I built a functional prototype, most people’s understanding and appreciation STOP at what the prototype appears.

Keep Going is the Key

People often will tell you that they have seen it before. You will often hear that your invention is no use or not practical… after you spent 2 years of refining and probably $50k-$100k investment on your invention.

Sometimes, people are right. But, more than often, your invention is just not getting into the right hand. Especially, a lot of talented inventors (great engineers or scientists) are not born sales. A lot of great products and inventions die due to lack of a good story.

My take is:

(1) Talking to more people about your invention- someday, you will encounter who knows someone who can help you..

(2) Never give up- keep trying. Failure is when you give up! (You need to listen what people tell you. But, you also need to believe in yourself.) Use your brain to judge-

(3) If you cannot tell a good story, convince just “one” who needs to be a good story teller. Having a refined prototype is SO important. Having a beautiful pitching deck/product is very important, because maybe the color of your product is inmaterial, but it gets you in the door …

Wish good luck to all of creative friends..

Joe Tai