Everything is Funny, Whether We Like it or Not

I have the firm belief that anything and everything can be made fun of. No matter what it is, people throughout the entire world have the ability to poke fun of, to humiliate, or laugh to that object. No matter what society’s opinion of the subject is, no matter how morbid or sad is to even conjecture, we can make fun of it. Many people can see it one way, but others can still see as another. Anything serious can be made not serious. Look at this picture that I took yesterday.

Here is what can be seen as serious message. These message written in pretty chalks states that we should probably spend less focus on our phones and spend more time with friends and families. In my opinion, that’s a great opinion. However, can one spot the irony in this picture? Hint: Look at the bottom left corner. Over there, you can see a shadow of myself taking that picture with…guess what…my phone! The thing is, I was heading back to my dorm room with a friend till the moment this message caught my eye. We walked past it, but I just had this thought to take a picture of it. So, I told my friend that he can go on without me; I proceeded to walk towards the message, whipped out my phone from my back pocket, and took a picture. Do you understand the situation here? I basically ignored my friend, grabbed my phone, and took a picture of a message that told me to not ignore my friends and ignore my phone instead. A serious message just became a funny message to me. Here is just one example that we have the power to make just about everything funny, no matter what the subject matter is. People can see us as crazy, awkward, weird, or weird, but we will eventually laugh at anything.