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There’s no doubt that the election was tampered with by both parties, though urban legend holds that the Democrats are much better at it. There were doubtless millions of zombie and non-citizen votes for Clinton, plus the observed absentee-ballot stuffing in Florida, repeated many times over.

But I’ve seen no credible evidence that the Russian government was involved as you assert very strongly on weak evidence. Wikileaks strongly refuted the administration myth that Russia released the emails. The leaker was apparently killed for their service.

By the way, there was proof positive that Bush stole Florida from Gore. Those machines, some still in use, allowed pre-loading of votes, and when the recount was stopped, Gore was still in the negative and Bush was way up. But there seem to be no penalties for poll tampering. It is trivial to correlate the big race party profile with the small race and initiative profile to reveal fraud, but our “elected” representatives have no interest.

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