How Brave Are You?

Born on September 28th, 1978 raised by a single mother, life was not the easiest for Dana. Working hard in high school to make sure she could succeed in life, she ended up getting a scholarship to Webster University in Journalism. She was clearly trying to search for the truth.

Having done her own nationally syndicated radio shows, Editor-In-Chief of a conservative website, and having been hired as a political analyst for CNN. She now has her own daily show that airs on Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze TV.”

In 2014 Dana wrote her first book entitled “Hands Off My Gun”, in which she relates stories from her childhood in which she was taught about guns, their dangers and the protections they offer. She tells a story of how her aunt came over one night after being threatened by her husband. She says how her grandfather waited on the porch for the police to arrive while also holding a shotgun for protection in case the husband came over.

Dana Loesch is an outspoken woman when it come to the right to keep and bear arms. She has been outspoken through words for quite some time now.

As she goes on in her book she tells another story of the backlash that she received back in 2004. She had written a piece about being a mother who was not afraid to have guns in the house to protect her children. This was the first of many instances where she received much negative feedback about her outspoken reporting style, so much so that the paper through which she was employed fired her.

Then in the summer of 2009, she experienced something even worse. While covering a town hall meeting in St Louis, she tells a story of an entrepreneur named Kenneth Gladney. He was in St. Louis selling Gadsden ( “Don’t Tread On Me”) flags to Tea Party supporters. Gladney was actually beaten by some of the union members that were there for selling these flags.

That night after covering the the town hall meeting, Dana was scheduled to be on the Greta Van Susteren show where they brought the story to the national media. After the interviews that were to follow, she received an email that she could have never expected. It was from what she describes as “one of the regular haters.” The email stated that they knew where she lived and that her children “might not be OK when you get home.” She described this instance as a turning point when she really decided there was no backing down on being outspoken about the Second Amendment. Never to back down from the “haters”.

Then again in July of 2016, she was shocked by what she read on her Twitter account. She thought, “Is this real or a person trying to play a joke? Even if it is a joke, what kind of a joke could this really be?

While she did not reply, she was still shaken that someone would actually post this on her account. How could someone have the audacity to post this on my Twitter she was thinking? Do I let this go or should I do something about it?

Immediately after receiving this message, the stranger sends another message threatening to assault her:

Dana was never able to find either of the people that threatened her. I find it remarkable that, withstanding any closure regarding her fear of being harmed since neither of the perpetrators were caught, she continues to persevere in her efforts to ensure her message is heard.

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