iPhone Joe


But fixing iPhones is not impossible.

And before I could second guess my abilities, I’d ordered the part I needed.

Fast forward.

Now a senior in high school, I’d gained a new identity. No longer was I
Just Joe, I was now, Joe - The Guy Who Fixes iPhones. Essentially, after my first repair two years prior, I let it slip to some family and friends that I’d done a self repair on my own phone. Back then, cell phone repair shops were pretty scarce, and there wasn’t a single place that would do it in my little town of Collingwood, so word quickly spread that for the right price, I’d be willing to fix your iPhone. At this point, I was doing less than a phone a week for the most part. It was mostly just people close to me that were aware I was doing it, so for most of my clientale, it was more as if I was doing a favour than providing a business service. My first real taste for profits from iPhones came when a good friend of mine, Jay, dropped his iPhone in a pool. He listed it on a Facebook classified group and I quickly made an offer: $50 for a water damaged, completely non-functional iPhone 4. I won’t go into details on how I fixed the phone, but after several nights of frustrating trial and error, I finally got the phone to boot again.

I sold it the next day for $325.

I like to think that that first sale marked the point when I turned fixing iPhones into a business, not just a hobby. For the remainder of my high school days, I scoured Kijiji and Facebook for broken phones, lowballed their owners, then fixed and flipped the phones on the same sites.

iPhone Joe is born

That summer, I made one of the most important decisions of my life so far, and it’s a decision I stand behind to this day.

I decided I didn't want a summer job.

Or at least, I decided I didn’t want a regular summer job.

I would become iPhone Joe.

My fellow Summer Company entrepreneurs

iPhone Joe Today

I’m happy to report that even in second year, I’m able to balance iPhone Joe with my five courses, curling team, and programming. In fact, I’m hoping to really expand iPhone Joe this semester. I’ve hired the services of Canvas Group, a marketing company of fellow Mac Eng students.

Don’t do it.

But here’s the kicker. For the people out there reading this who honestly believe in themselves and their idea, then what I say doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to listen to me, and a thousand other people tell you that your idea sucks, you’ll never make it, and that it’s not worth your time.



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