Gulf Coast Hurricanes

The brutal beasts,

birthed in warm Gulf waters,

blatantly lift their fury

to expose gargantuan eyes

to the angst-ridden populace of the Gulf Coast.

Boarded windows and barred doors

cannot lessen the angry sting

of the growing, blowing interlopers;

amidst tears and fears,

Nature’s tantrums screech and scream.

Borne on spiteful wings,

they swoop across the sugar-white sands —

slamming, shaking, smashing;

like a beaten drum,

the Coast reverberates in hellish cadence.

Afternoons turn black,

rooftops shed their weight,

trees quiver with fright,

objects are hurled hither and thither,

and Death rides the flood.

Yet, life goes on for the steadfast few

who brave the tossing manes

of the migratory beasts

called Gulf Coast Hurricanes.

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