3 Ways to Clean Your Car Interior Fast

Why does the dang car get so dirty on the inside so fast? Here are some quick tips I’ve learned over the years to clean it fast and keep is sparkling.

Facebook Suction

Park your car next to your laptop sitting on a stand. Log on to Facebook. The powerful suction created by knuckleheads on your feed arguing over every little thing feed will suck the dirt right out of the carpets.

Dashboard Glaze

After dusting the dashboard, put a nice shine on it by wiping it down with a glazed doughnut. Then spritz it with some lemon juice and buff it out.

Leather Treatment

Bring dried leather back to life by liberally applying horse manure with a microfiber cloth. The manure will penetrate the leather, making it stink so bad no one will try to ruin your nice leather seats again with their dirty, filthy jeans.