Republicans Still Have A Chance to Repeal Obamacare — If They Can Take It
Charlie Gerow

Sorry, the ACA hasn’t failed. As far as premiums skyrocketing, Kaiser found that while they did rise, the rate of increase dropped from 62% a year to about 25%. Mine personally dropped by 50%, along with my wife’s. It has problems that need fixing, but it seems the main one is your rich buddies have to pay more taxes. Boo hoo for them. It’s a drop in a bucket compared to what they make. After loop holes, probably less than most people pay. So they should fix the problems and quit whining. They haven’t come up with anything better in eight years. BTW, why don’t you mention that the Republicans voted for it too? Why isn’t it passing now that there’s no one to veto it? Maybe because the longer it’s in place, the more people like it? The GOP would never admit that though.

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