What goal are you most reluctant to set yourself?

What big goal are you most reluctant to set for 2018? What would happen if you kicked self-doubt to the curb and did it anyway?

These questions pulled a tight knot in my stomach. Immediately, I knew what my New Year’s resolution should be.

Maybe they did the same for you.

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t transform our lives because they’re:

  • not ambitious enough;
  • not fuelled by enough motivation (so we give up).

These two questions, written last year by Michael Hyatt about 2017, will stop you falling into either of these traps.

Chase scary goals

The goals that scare us are the ones we should be chasing. This is where the stakes are highest. It’s the goals we’re not sure we could achieve that would change our lives most outrageously. Nothing truly worth chasing comes easy.

Logically, we believe in setting outrageous goals. We know that whatever one human can achieve, another can. Anyone who attacks a goal with the same strategy and as much vigour as the person who succeeded can also see success.

Yet, self-doubt still tells us we’ll blow it. It warns how much it’ll hurt to waste time on a failed project. Still, if you’re truly passionate about a goal, you should pursue it. After all:

  • the process of chasing your passion is as fulfilling as the reward;
  • the worst result is you’ll be better prepared to succeed next time;
  • you’ll have come closer to succeeding than if you’d done nothing.

What’s my New Year’s resolution?

In 2018, I’ll publish another book.

‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ teaches young men how to truly enjoy being single. It contained a message I was so desperate to share. Every day, I sat down to write felt so empowering. When people left heartfelt reviews, it made my soul sing.

I’ve tried a ton of hobbies, but have loved writing ever since childhood. The process of creating this book confirmed what I already knew deep down. I’m destined to be an author.

The self-doubt is as strong as when I started writing The Thrill Of The Chase. What if people don’t like this book? What if I spill my guts on the page and people laugh? Even worse, what if no-one cares? As Michael Hyatt suggests, when you hear these voices, it’s probably a goal worth going for.

Help shape my new book

The first step to writing a great book is ensuring your audience wants to read it.

My email subscribers gave fantastic feedback on The Thrill Of The Chase last year, helping to shift the entire focus of the book. As a thank you, they were given the chance to buy it at a ridiculous discount.

Although I’m 99% sure everyone will love the topic of this new book, I’ll be reaching out to my email subscribers to make sure in the next few days.

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