I used to write quite a bit back in college. Those days the combination of new ideas, and copious amounts of coffee, led to a lot of long essays and lively conversations. Most of those conversations weren’t about anything of real substance, but rather, they were an exercise in fleshing out our thoughts.

In my opinion it was healthy, and a fine way to pass the time with good company. In my late twenties, I find myself quite nostalgic for those moments now. It seems much less fashionable to have such conversations as of late.

I find myself growing weary of the social narrative at the moment, but nonetheless I feel compelled to start writing again. So here I am, typing out my open declaration of penmanship. Here I vow to lay down my thoughts, my fears, my hobbies and a little bit of everything.

It is time that I get on with it, and get over myself. Will you enjoy what I have to say? Maybe, maybe not, but I do hope you will read it to find out.

It is time I start doing things again.

- Joe

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