Number Crunching Brexit to see if BRITAIN really EXPECTS AND WANTS BREXIT.

With six months past since the referendum that allowed the voting population of Britain to decide whether they wanted to be part of the European Union or not I looked up a few numbers. I did this only because I was tired of seeing headlines about Britain being potentially robbed of the decision that ‘it’ had made by individual complainers, the odd politician and a supreme court that has no vested interest.

Britain has a population of 64.1m people.

38.9m of them are eligible voters. (60.7%)

Which means 39.3% of Brits cannot vote. Most of them (but not all of them) are aged 0–17 but it is their future that the vote effects and the nearly dead demographic was allowed to make a rose tinted, in my day, good old days decision with impunity on their behalf with no consultation or research or even care.

The full electoral vote was:

Leave votes: 15.2m

Remain votes: 13.3m

Eligible to, but didn’t, vote: 10.4m

Not Eligible to vote: 25.2m

These figures break down simply. Out of the total population of Britain:

23.7% voted to leave the European Union

20.8% voted to remain in the European Union

55.5% either didn’t vote or weren’t eligible to vote. (Over 16.2% of the UK population didn’t vote and could have).

And when you look at the campaigns that were waged where £350m a week would be saved by Britain and £100m a week would go to the NHS, both things which were then understood as and now guaranteed as lies, we have to guess at how many Brexiteers would’ve voted differently.

Theresa May, who was crowned Prime Minister by her party, not mandated by the Conservative electorate at the last general election that chose King Fail Referendum, David Cameron, now wants the right to make this referendum outcome a reality with the stroke of a pen, wiping out the credibility of centuries of parliamentary democracy with a biro, she now thinks that it must happen because BRITAIN HAS SPOKEN.

Well it hasn’t. And we have to thank the independent judiciary that has today decreed that the decision is one for elected officials at Westminster to vote for a parliamentary bill about Brexit rather than allow the reactionary whim of a woman who now wants to sever all ties with Europe despite her pro-EU stance during the referendum campaign. Theresa May, you have some front. Hypocrite doesn’t cover it. Another jobbing politician in it for yourself and doing what the moment tells you. You are probably glad that the courts ruled the way they did, in fact I suspect you expected it, so you can walk away from any failure in parliament and say, “I tried my best” despite being against it before it happened then all for the hard one when it was over. Your behaviour will not be excused or forgotten whatever happens.

Brexit has no mandate or authority after the referendum. It’s a weak result.

Democracy has spoken.

But is it representing everyone and is it going to work?

We’ll have decades to answer that.

(Oh yeah, I voted remain, just to give this post, based on facts, perspective (at least for some of you).)

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