Why Write?

Yeah. That’s What I Do.

Writing is a lonely, thankless task that takes effort, creativity and thought. That’s why I like it.

I don’t need or want the appearance or attendance of a sack of meat and bones blundering around me when I’m trying to expel some of my energy and spending the precious time I have alive on this spinning ball of rock being thoughtful or creative. Others, no matter who they are and how much I love them, are kryptonite when it comes to this shit.

I’ve had many thankless, pointless jobs and been a unit or a widget in a bigger machine. I’ve sweated, worked late without pay, showed willing and never had a pat on the back. At my age, after year upon year of anonymity and invisibility in the world I’m at ease with thankless. It’s water off a ducks back. Don’t pat me on the head if I say, do or write anything you like. I don’t need you to aggrandise me. I write because I like to write. If you like it, well that’s a nice thing for you but it won’t cheer me up to know that. Same if you hate it, fuck you. I’m not your performing monkey here to dance on command and cheer up your ass.

But I will always put in the effort, just enough, and try to share my creativity and thoughts. But I do it only for myself.

Now that’s said, I can get on with writing something here.

I like writing.

It’s my thing.

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