Free the Press — Kill WYSIWYG

Mikhail Ageev
May 5 · 1 min read

We like to talk about engagement inside media organizations. We like to discuss how to make our online stories more interactive and interesting.

At the same time, we force journalist to use nerdy WYSIWYG text editors for publishing their stories online. We oblidge writers to use TinyMCE, CKEditor or even Wordpress (legacy one) to put the story inside a CMS.

These editors do generate enormous code, sometimes fail with proper copy-and-paste from Word or Google Docs, as well, as require basic HTML knowledge to make changes to the article.

And the HTML. Generally, most of the journalist are seing HTML this way:

Yung Chang,

Basically, people do not need all these buttons and formatting features. They do not want to go through popup windows and 5+ clicks just to embed a Tweet or Facebook post inside an article.

Story is not a HTML code. Story is flow. Flow of facts and ideas represented in paragraphs with basic formatting (bold, italic, a link, quotation or a sub-heading), images and embed media.

That’s why Wordpress is moving right way with the new Gutenberg. That’s why Medium is doing great with their editor.

Free the Press — kill your WYSIWYG!

Mikhail Ageev

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