On ‘Going Away’
Julieanne Smolinski

I loved this, Julieanne! Beyond all the wonderful play on words and images, this was not least (or most) because you taught me a brand new word: pareidoliac! I didn’t have the faintest guess at a possible meaning, so I had to look it up. It makes me wonder where you learned this word.

Was it in a psych class? Or an art class? Random reading? Or through idle conversation in a coffee bar, oops, probably not — maybe with your therapist then?

I too am inclined toward being content being in my indoor island, but only in a big city where I can go out and do lots and lots of things where being alone in a crowd is perfectly acceptable. But then, I also enjoy “sharing little chunks of food off of a piece of marble” not so much with strangers but with people of like minds. The challenge is finding the like minds!

Anyway, thanks for some great images and something to ponder!

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