One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Mike Monteiro

Every online community, from the BBS era to the Twittererverse, has had problems with trolls, hate speech and bad behavior. If you start moderating, then you get dragged into a quagmire of hurt feelings, cries of censorship and neverending online drama. So I understand why Twitter wouldn’t want to do that, especially given their libertarian tendencies.

But, after creating a tool that could literally set off nuclear war, you’d think the geniuses at Twitter would reconsider and come up with some sort of solution, before Trump blows up the planet. The horror show of 2016/2017 should prompt some reflection on the part of Biz, Jack and Ev if only because World War III would be bad for stock prices. If a good part of Twitter’s users gets reduced to ash, that’s not good for their market cap. Not to mention the impact of having Armageddon on their conscience.

If Silicon Valley can give us useless crap like animal emojis, then why can’t they come up with some good moderating tools? Adding a prancing cat to a tweet is hardly going to matter once the nukes start flying.

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