Setting Yourself Up For Greatness

Do you believe in the power of a MORNING RITUAL?

I’ll tell you mine…

[+] wake up at 6 am

[+] 7 minute MEDITATION (it’s quick and dirty and is perfect for priming your brain for the day and not indulge in immediate, obsessive thinking)

[+] I read my MISSION STATEMENT out loud (two pages about my where I wanna go in life, including larger than life goals that scare the s&$% out of me)

[+] I chuck two tall glasses of WATER

[+] From 6.30 am to 8.30 am I work on anything creatively, like writing, conceptualizing. All those things that are MOST IMPORTANT and demand the most brain power and uninterrupted quality time.

[+] I pull out my JOURNAL and give thanks to the things that already show up in my life. I track my thought patterns and write down those that are repetitive, sabotaging and judgemental.

[+] I do some yoga and brain gym exercises (15 minutes)

[+] Breakfast

Starting your day with structure, really helps to set you up for the rest of the day and it helps you prime your brain so you don’t run the risk of rushing into your day with scatterbrain-syndrome.

Right from the get go, early in the morning, right after you open your eyes, you wanna show your brain who’s boss and avoid your mind filling you up with repetitive useless thinking.

The whole ritual thing allows you to be the MASTER OF YOUR MIND and NOT be a slave to your thoughts and your OLD HABITS that are ineffective time-consuming monsters.

What’s your routine?