Build Flexibility Into Your Diet

This post acts as a supplement to the video I just posted on my YouTube channel: check it out here!

In the video I go through a recipe (vaguely) and make a bunch of jokes, but this is actually a recipe I’m very fond of so I wanted to elaborate:

In short, it’s just a cool way of making the standard chicken-and-rice dish so many fitness fans swear by a bit more exciting- it’s a bit high in sodium and the rice is white, but stay and hydrated and have it post workout then you shouldn’t have any problems :)

I used 400g of turkey and 200g of arborio risotto rice, giving a total calorie count of well over 1000! During my gaining phase I could happily eat the whole thing post-workout and still hit my macros for the day, but these days I’d probably split it into at least two tupperwares for meal prep.

With that said, at some point I’m going to be eating too few calories to fit this into my meal plan now I’m cutting. That’s the beauty of cooking from scratch though- I can cut down the portion size as I go, gradually. You can obviously vary your portion sizes day to day too, to account for refeed days and the like.

Let me know your thoughts on all of this- in my experience it’s the most straightforward-seeming things like this that have really interesting insights to learn from other people!

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