Shoes That Detect Nearby Pokemon

Shoes that Light up and play Music when Pokemon are near.

The makers of High Beam Shoes, just announced the release of their newest wearable tech. innovation, Shoes that recognize friend’s shoes. These shoes can “pair” and when friends come near, they light up and play music. This is the first syncing shoe. Since their announcement earlier this month, High Beams are going further. The shoes headlights are all about Safety, and with recent injuries associated with the popular game Pokemon Go, High Beams already have the “pairing” Technology and are developing shoes that let you know when a Pokemon is nearby. The shoes light up and play music when a Pokemon is close.

Photo of the actual prototypes for the Pokemon detecting shoes.

Pokemon Detecting Shoes

The Technology that makes these shoes actually recognize other shoes is still top secret, but you can bet there going to make a big splash this Christmas.

Simply pair you shoes with your phone, and when you get close to the Pokemon…Wow! The shoes headlights illuminate the path for safety and enables others and traffic to easily identify and avoid the Pokemon hunters. The makers say the shoes will be available this fall.

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