Carrying A Grudge May Be Dangerous to Your Health

The cells in your body react to everything your mind thinks. Every time we think a negative thought it’s as if we swallowed a poison. Next time you are an- gry or frustrated, step back a moment, catch your breath, and feel the weakness spread throughout your immune system. It’s poison. You chose to feel worse at this moment than you did the moment before. Choose peace over revenge. You’ll live longer. Let go of old grudges. Carrying a grudge may be dangerous to your health. 
Anger is a valid human emotion and sometimes it serves us to experience anger in order to realize that someone is taking advantage of us or that we have been unjustly wronged. If this wrong is occurring in the present moment, feel the emotion and draw a boundary.. But if you are rehashing and rehearsing in your mind what you should have said yesterday or last week or last year, let go of the grudge, return to health and choose to remain peaceful. You’ll live longer. You’ll love longer. You’ll laugh longer. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel lighter. You will no longer be swallowing poison in the hope that the perceived enemy will feel worse. He won’t. You will. Let go of the heavy burdens that you are carrying and walk in peace and in light. Smile.

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