Life On Life’s Terms

Once we stop resisting reality and start living life on life’s terms, we become more peaceful. If we stop denying what ‘is’ and stop insisting that life comply with our terms, we become happier and more lighthearted. Life begins to flow smoothly. We cannot stop the world from being turbulent. The world has always been turbulent. That’s life. We can’t stop negative thoughts from floating into our mind unconsciously and uninvited. We cannot control the world. We can control our mind by focusing only on thoughts that support the way we want to feel, the way we want to live. Which thoughts we choose to give our attention to will determine how we experience life. Life itself will bring both pain and joy. We shouldn’t be shocked and angry every time life doesn’t go according to our script. We can adapt the same peaceful, easygoing and calm response to the inevitable ups and downs of life, knowing that although we cannot control the flow of life, we can control our response to it.