Living Without Misery

What if we could find a way to live life in a way that no longer caused us misery? The first step is to stop worrying. If a problem is solvable, then worrying is pointless. If a problem is not solvable, then worrying is pointless. Worrying makes us less capable of solving a problem, not more capable. Worry weakens us at a time we need strength. Show up and be of service and don’t worry for one more minute. When we focus on thoughts that make us happy, the world appears beautiful. When we focus on thoughts that make us angry, the world appears wicked. It’s the same world. Which vantage point are you selecting today? 
We tend to pull back from life when we feel uncomfortable about our ability to meet a challenge which is facing us. But when we look back at past challenges and past discomforts, we must admit that many of them made us access strengths we did not realize we possessed. We must admit that we usually meet the challenge. We usually succeed. This time is probably no different. Get your game face on and go after it. Face the tasks you are called to face. 
Judge less and appreciate differences. Realize in the core of your being that you are worthy and lovable; let everyone else decide whether they are. Tell the truth. If anyone in your life doesn’t like it, that truly is their problem. We are responsible for telling other people the truth, not making sure that they like it. 
And if you ever find yourself sulking about who you are, maybe that’s a signal to begin creating a new you. We can change any time we feel like it and we don’t owe anyone an explanation. Everything in nature is vastly different than it was last year. Why should we be expected to remain static. Grow into all of your potential and possibilities. We aren’t going in circles, we are walking an upward spiral, capable of growing in some way right up to our final breath. 
This essay is from my book, The New Power of Positive Thinking, available from Amazon, Etsy and Sunshine Flower Shop.

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