Our Mood Depends on Our Focus

We can take actions every day to make it much more likely that our day will be peaceful. In the first minutes that we arouse in the morning, we can focus our minds on being content and counting our blessings. Reflect on a couple of things that make you feel happy and grateful as soon as you wake up — — your children, your grandchildren, your health, the fact that you are sheltered and comfortable, the many opportunities we have each day because we live in such a blessed country… Give thanks for one or two of these many blessings and you will feel your spirit start to lift. Ask your Higher Power to help you keep your positive attitude throughout the day. Your spirit will lift again, I promise you. 
 All of our lives are far from perfect so our attitude usually depends on the aspects of life we choose to dwell on. Focus your mind on the positive. Stop any negative thought in mid-sentence. What is the benefit of giving your self a negative, pessimistic message? When a gloomy thought arises, think of a way that you are truly blessed. Counteract the negative with a positive. Its how to remain balanced. Make a conscious choice to remain connected to a greater spirit and feel the positive power it brings. Positive thoughts lead to positive experiences. Give it a try today. Much of the time our mood depends solely on what we focus on.