Rebirth and Renewal

Easter and springtime remind us that the natural cycle of life includes dying to our old selves, perhaps an extended period of dormancy, and then rebirth and renewal, sometimes in a completely different form. We see the phases of the moon, trees and flowers blooming, birds and bees and children growing. Why are we often so afraid of change? Are we worried that if life changes we will no longer have our needs met? What is most puzzling is that we sometimes feel this way even when our needs are not being met currently. We still fear change. The basis of this fear is a lack of faith. 
We owe it to ourselves to take the first steps towards our dreams. We don’t have to see the entire staircase. We just have to find the courage to take one step at a time and to be firmly committed towards moving forward. We can make different choices today and trust that we will find the support we need to grow. Observe how nature is renewed. Trust. Have faith. We are here to help each other, comfort each other, to offer sanctuary, to encourage each other to grow. Make a firm intention to grow and progress. Let life unfold towards peace and renewal. Smile, laugh, forgive, believe and love. We don’t have to be perfect and we don’t have to do anything perfectly. We have to trust that we are good enough. Like the trees and flowers, we will be made new as soon as we are brave enough to be reborn.