Set Intentions Just For Yourself

When we tell ourself that our life will get better if someone significant to us changes, we are putting our mood in another person’s hands. That situation invites chaos and confusion, disappointment and depression. Soften what is rigid in your mind. Lasting peace comes to us through our own actions and thoughts and never through attaching our hopes on the actions and thoughts of another. Please don’t ever give another person the power to affect your emotions to the point where you need them to do something before you will feel good. Realize that the power to feel positively resides within us. Even if you are waiting for someone to apologize or acknowledge that they hurt you, you are giving them power over you. Forgive them for your own sake and move forward. Live from your own center and set your intentions each day only for yourself. 
Taking responsibility for ourselves rather than trying to control others may be challenging. We may be use to telling people how they should act or even doing things for them. That is a prescription for unhappiness. Someone else’s behaviors are exclusively their responsibility. People learn by experiencing fully the consequences of their actions. Covering up someone’s behaviors so that they escape the consequences of their actions is harmful to them and to our own integrity. Most importantly, focusing on someone else’s life keeps us from examining our own life. Spend some time at the beginning of each day setting intentions for yourself. Keep your thoughts peaceful and positive and focused on improvements you can make to your own precious and valuable life. Let everybody else focus on other life.