Show Up for Your Own Life

Show up for your own life. Accept your current circumstances. The first step in moving beyond our current predicament is fully and truthfully admitting where we are. We have to accept reality before we can change it. Now we ask: what do we intend to change? How important is this change? If we say it’s important, then it should be written down and referred to a few times each day so that we retain our focus. Change creates anxiety. And anxiety is so unpleasant that we welcome any distraction from it. Growth is scary. Taking the next step forward is scary. Part of our unconscious mind will welcome being distracted from our anxiety, but remember that we are really being distracted from change and growth — two essentials we intend to pursue. Writing down our circumstance-altering goal is a positive reminder that we are mature enough and ready to move forward. A strong goal is to make two changes a day that move us forward and away from our current (unpleasant0 circumstances. 
So we are changing in the present. Where are we headed in the future? Where would you like to be a month from now? A year from now? Five years from now? Develop a strong mental image and set a firm intention. Keep your eyes on the prize. Write your long-term goals down also. At the end of each day, find a quiet minute and review your day’s progress. Did you gain ground? Move forward towards a better future? Our minds will assist us even while we sleep if we keep a firm intention to grow into change.