You Have to Find Your Soul Before You Find Your Soulmate

You have to find your soul before you find your soulmate. The chief impediment to finding our soul is our thoughts. The constant thought-chatter in our head paralyzes us. The moment our life becomes quiet, the thought squirrels start scampering. Often our thoughts remind us of our fears, of worse case scenarios, of reasons why we should be seeking revenge, of our disappointments in ourselves and others, of real or imagined losses. Thoughts magnify our obligations and make us feel overwhelmed. Thoughts often lead us to jump to a wrong conclusion. Much of our problem drinking and drug seeking behaviors are desperate attempts to quiet our thoughts. What healthy habits can we practice to quiet our thoughts and find peace of mind?
A positive first step is realizing that our thoughts aren’t true. 
Thoughts are not facts. They are frequently negative messages from disembodied voices from our past — leftover untruths from negative, toxic people we have moved away from. Pay no attention to them. Let these negative thoughts crumble. They aren’t real. Choose thoughts that empower you to become a stronger, more loving, more peaceful person. Focus on thoughts that serve you. Do not serve your thoughts. Your soul is in command of your life, not your thinking. 
Meditation, prayer, yoga, readings from spiritual texts, a positive mantra, breathing exercises, and a firm commitment to positivity can all help us manage our thoughts and find peace. When our minds become peaceful, our lives become peaceful. When our lives are directed by our souls, we become kinder, happier, and more relaxed.