“ It all starts with 10 beers and a dumbass suggestion” — Some Drunk 2016

Music means the world to me.
It’s the reason I get out of bed in the morning and the reason I get on that crowded train. It’s the reason I stay at my crappy job and it may sound pathetic but it’s the reason I am still here.
Why kill yourself when The Bouncing Souls are touring? Why kill yourself when NOFX announce an new album? Why kill yourself when John Mayer comes to town and you have a slight but very real chance to bump into him and punch him in the face? It’s something that I will always be thankful for– no matter what else is going on in my life.
So … I know what you’re thinking.
Why would anyone want to read about the exploits of a loud mouth drunk who seems to enjoy being a grumpy sad sack? Could anyone really learn to love reading the ranting and raving of a 30-something Punk Rock fan who takes great pride in not liking anything but Music and Beer? Probably not. But I’m going to give it a try because anyone who knows me knows I like to punish myself.
I’ve always thought the Melbourne music scene was something special. In some places the thought of seeing a live band on a Monday night is ridiculous … But in Melbourne you can not only see a live band on a Monday, you can go and see three or four different genres. It’s a piece of Melbourne that’s taken for granted by some, which leads to noise restrictions and the closure of venues. Maybe one day more people will see it as a blessing and not a disturbance.
So, to the reason why I am doing this. I’ve already talked the about Melbourne music scene but specifically it’s the independent and Punk scenes that amaze me. These people are talented, humble with an unashamed DIY ethic and are extremely accepting to all that want to be a part of it (sure there are dickheads, but show me a scene that doesn’t have dickheads). Over the next year I’m going to write one interview and one review of a live show a week. We’ll see what happens…