“ Come to the show! I’ll show you my balls. you know… If you want.” — Stefan A’Campo


This weeks adventure is a little less crazy than the last couple… You see I got this new job. Money is good but it means I cant go and party because I’m old enough for a hangover to kill me… Those who have struggled through retail with a hangover will know what I’m talking about.

The show in question was Daybreak, Del Lago, Commissioner Bourbon And Folk singer songwriter Jo Neugebauer all in support of Perth’s Alex The Kid’s Album tour. I wasn’t going to go this show. I wasn’t in the mood for it. I decided not to go and instead have dinner with my wonderful girlfriend and go home early as The thought of hanging around at the public bar on a cold Thursday evening while trying not to drink away the thought of being at the public bar on a cold Thursday evening was bumming me out. I’m sure you’re shocked to find out that it didn’t quite work out that way.

The plan was to eat some food, have a quick drink in the city and go home. We’d both had a long day and were sore, me, from walking up stairs all day while carrying heavy shit and Megan, from trying to recover from an injury to her hand. If I was in pain I can’t imagine the pain that she was in, You gotta give credit to the girl, shes tough as fuck. We ate burritos and tried to make each other laugh, she makes me laugh more, mainly because her Canadian accent cracks me up when she says certain words and I say dumb stuff that gets a small laugh followed by “ You’re a dummy.” which starts the laughing cycle again.

This is where is gets interesting. We ate burritos at Guzman Y Gomez and they happen to sell Margaritas. I don’t know about Megan’s but mine was pretty strong and after I’d walked Megan to the tram stop I was feeling A little less sore and a bit more Party. Uh oh.

So I chucked my headphones on and decided to go to the show.“Why not?” “what harm could it do?” “I can review it!” were some of the thoughts running through my head as I walked down some pretty sketchy alley ways on my way to bar.

After ordering the first of my 3 pints I was limiting myself to I walked in to watch Jo play. I like Jo. She plays with passion, sings with all her heart and the topics of her songs make you just the right amount of uncomfortable. Jo and I have been friends for around a year now. We have spent many nights hanging around my old house playing guitar and singing our latest sad songs to each other and talking about the shit things we have been through. Its awesome to see her up there smashing it out.

My second pint was soon ordered and half drunk by the time Commissioner Bourbon hit the stage. I’ve seen their name around but never seen them so I was keen to check them out. ( I just want everyone who reads this to know that I felt like a massive wanker after writing that sentence. Ok back to the band) They are hard to pin down. Not in a bad way. They look like Soundgarden, their guitars scream Cash Converters bargain sale, and they play what sounded like a mixture of grunge and early eighties hardcore ( Adolescents, Black Flag, Circle Jerks) with melody… I’m stoked I saw them and I’m pretty sure I’ll writing about them again soon.

DEL FUCKIN’ LAGO. DEL FUCKIN’ LAGO. Man… These guys sucked. Just kidding. They always rule. My 3rd pint had been drunk and I was onto my fourth by the time they hit the stage. I figured I’d have one more. Some of my new work mates were there and I figured it would be a “get to know you” sort of thing… Anyways Del Lago are one of my favorite bands. Their songs are pop punk masterpieces. Their perfectly structured songs are catchy, heart felt and give you a massive kick in the guts when at full volume. I’ve always found them fucking hilarious to watch as well. There isn’t much difference to the sound of the vocals, Bass player James and Guitar player Screech both growl down the microphone as if they are trying to eat it. But what is pretty funny is that Screech is a fucking monster of a man and James is just a little dude. I’ve always thought that its like a big father bear being followed around by his cub. The absence of their drummer Rob is a bummer but have a great back up in country music songwriter and producer Gareth Leach while guitarist mike flawlessly holds the rest of the band together. Go see them play. You’ll like it.

Jo Neugebauer

I hadn’t heard to much of Perth’s Alex The Kid before I was asked to play their second show at The Bendigo. I quickly became a bit of a fan. they much more chaotic, sharing vocals between three members which, if you’re paying attention is awesome. Fast, bratty punk rock somewhere in the vein of the 95' punk movement that we all know love, but with that distinct Australian feel to it. If you like bands like The Decline and Blindspot this is right up your alley. James from Del Lago even turned to me half way through their set and drunkly said “Man… Perth. I kinda wanna move to Perth. You wanna move to Perth?” I don’t… But still, Alex The Kid. do it.

Halfway through my 5th pint and I’d pretty much decided that the next morning wasn’t going to be the best time and that it was future Joe’s problem. I walked in to catch Daybreak. Daybreak is kinda like a squat for Melbourne punks to come and go as they please. I’m not sure if any of the original members are still involved but it hasn’t stopped it from becoming one Melbourne’s best punk bands. I’m always a little disappointed when watching Melbourne bands and their lack of ability with harmonies, I guess that’s why I like Daybreak. there are Harmonies. Their songs are some of the fastest around but they still are able to sing a harmony and that to me is the sign of a band that know their shit. I had one more pint and decided to call it a day. Work was going to suck and it didn’t help that I had to climb through my bedroom window because Megan is right, I am a Dummy.

The next day I woke up feeling pretty shady. The only thought that came to my mind as I dragged my sorry ass out of bed was “One Margarita Joe. That’s all it took”.


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