“We both know how it feels to lose a friend, and we’re both gonna do all we can to stop it happening again.”— Bec Stevens

10. Bec Stevens — More Scared Than Me — Anchorhead
Did you know Buckets thinks I’m old? T​he story behind that little line goes like this.
A while back​,​after a particular drunken Saturday night down at the R​ev,​ about 14 of us decided to go back to the Footscray house to drink more. Shocking I know.
Anyway, w​e all get back to 107 and drink the place dry which is quite the achievement seeing we had 4 bags of goon and a slab there.
While we all sipped on goon and listened to Belinda Carlisle​’s ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ ​and other wonderful songs Bec turned around asked me how old I was. I hiccuped and answered ’​33.’​
Bec just stood there with a completely shocked look on her face. After about a solid minute of shock she quietly regained her composure and just said “ But…w​hat you gonna do?” I looked around​,​ realized I was the oldest one there by three or so years, panicked and responded with “ I don’t know!”
Many MANY old man jokes later we’ve become better friends and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with her many times.
Bec’s first EP “More Scared Than Me” is a beautiful yet heart​-​breaking record, In fact If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t at least feel a tear coming on after listening to it then I’m sorry but you don’t have a soul.
It​’​s also somewhat of a confronting record​: ​lines like “ His words so harming, Physical abuse it seemed a treat.” from “Trigger” and “ Maybe I’m scared cause I’m still sick, So when you steal my pride, please take it quick” from “ Maggies Lane” make it ​hard to listen at times​. I have nothing but the utmost respect for someone who​ has been through so much at such a young age and is still here. It​’​s easy to drift away. It​’s easy to give up. Bec didn’t do that. She wrote and recorded some truly inspirational Folk songs that are catchy but also make you think. It’​s not easy to do that.
“More Scared Than Me” is not quite a record you start the party with, but defiantly one you throw on when you get home after you’ve ruined yourself at one.