Up, because…

Up’s purpose in life is to hoist common front-end programming patterns to first-class status.

Because UIs are an event-driven dance of concurrent tasks, Up lets you do asynchronous operations with as little ceremony as possible.

Because UIs are made of complex object hierarchies, Up has a pattern matching system to allow declaratively querying and composing anything.

Because UI programmers are grownups too, Up has a modern type system with generics, type inference, and all the works.

Because tools should not be an afterthought, Up will be designed and built in concert with its debugger, profiler, REPL, and inspector.

Because getting stuff done is more fun than googling for potentially unmaintained third-party libraries, Up will be a “batteries included” language with a deep standard library.

Because mobile apps are huge and WebAssembly is coming, Up compiles to native binaries.

Because I’m really not sure yet, I can’t tell you if Up will use garbage collection, ARC, or some other memory management scheme.

Because it’s my language and I can impose my taste, Up has significant indentation, no semicolons, minimal need for brackets and parentheses, and other cosmetic choices that are really not as important as people make them out to be.

Because I’ve only put a few months into this so far, it probably won’t be ready to use for at least a year.

Because I’m still designing this thing, everything I wrote here is subject to change.