Assisting Update

Today it has been a week since I was last contacted by Katie at Shoreditch Studios so I decided to drop them another email. Unfortunately they require assistants to live in London and not just nearby, due to the early starts and late finishes required. On the bright side however, she directed me to their assistants directory page and recommended I sign up in order to stay in the loop just in case.

Shoreditch Studios assistant directory

Rather than leaving it there I decided to reach out to a couple of other studios in a similar area with regards to assisting. Through twitter I found Hoxton Street Studios and Big Sky Studios, saw that they both took assistants and decided to send some emails over.

Hoxton Street Studios homepage
Big Sky Studios

Almost immediately I received a reply from Sinead @ Big Sky studios who gave me the details of their work experience placements where you can shadow an assistant for a week in order to learn the ins and outs of how they work there. This sounds like a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and begin to learn more about the real world of photography. We are currently arranging a date for me to go in and see them so I will update when I know any more.

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