White supremacy on the op-ed page
Matt DeRienzo

As hard as it is to respond with a quibble to an opinion piece about the liberal’s top victim group, I will.

I will preface this to say I am from the deep south but my lineage traces back to a Union soldier who was stationed in Natchez, Mississippi to suppress the whites on behalf of President Andrew Johnson during Reconstruction. He fell in love with my great-great-grandmother, a southern belle, and they had family of a bunch of boys. Starting with nothing, not even a slave (this was the Reconstruction South, mind you!), they built a large plantation in the Delta along Deer Creek where General US Grant and Admiral Porter initially tried to find a northern approach into Vicksburg. The swampy land was too thick and swampy to move men and equipment, so they abandoned the idea and marched a circuitous route south through Louisiana, around Vicksburg, to Port Hudson instead. That Grant couldn’t march an army through the land my ancestors cleared means they earned that plantation and every dollar that cotton produced! It wasn’t given to them! Now, a couple of generations later, my family lived high on the hog when my grandfather’s generation drank and partied, and lived through a Great Depression, losing most of that land. My grandmother explained it as “cotton row to cotton row in three generations.” We had nothing again. Yet you claim I have some sort of inheritance? Give me a break.