Hey Joe, when someone references statistics for white families in general vs.
Matt DeRienzo

When statistics don’t match the reality on the ground, it tends to anger those for whom those statistics are intended to shame. I’m too old to be shamed. Sick of this hand-wringing. This country has more opportunity available than any place in the world. You just need to go get it, regardless of race, culture or gender.

The editorial you’re bashing deserves it. But defending Confederate statues and monuments doesn’t deserve bashing.

What you northern white elitists don’t seem to know much about is history of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and segregation that ensued. Why are these monuments here to begin with? And in my case, why was my county in Texas named after a CSA general and drunk Tom Green? If we can at least get a genuflection to understand southern white heritage beyond a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, maybe we can have a talk and discuss. I ask questions like why on the back plate of a statue of CSA General Lawrence Sullivan Ross at my alma mater, it declares, among many other accomplishments of that great man, he was a “General, CSA.” There was pride on both sides of the war that extends even to this day.

In return, I’ll walk around Grant Park in Chicago and honor the monuments to the Union side. Some of them were probably drunks, too.

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