It’s a great read for me because we are on the same side but a different perspective.

Hey there! DevOps to our team is more of a shared culture & responsibility amongst Developers than a specific role one person takes on. We consider Ops to be tasks pertaining to the maintenance of our product’s availability after production deployment, which involves activities like monitoring, scaling and patch deployments. It involves skill sets that are more often associated with Database and System Admins.

DevOps on the other hand is Ops relating to development efforts such as code logistics: configuring environments for the code to run, how code moves from local machines into our CI environment, what tests are run at which stage, automation of the pipeline, pipeline success/failure conditions, all up to production deployment, which is where Ops takes over.

As Developers generally understand the behaviour and dependencies of the code base better than say a SysAdmin, we try to involve all Developers in DevOps tasks. Hope this answers the question(:

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