Falling after a long time

It all began a couple of years back, when I went to the beach for a walk and I saw a huge crowd around an ad-hoc field in the middle. I went nearby and there was a Frisbee tournament in progress. I had my camera with me and started taking photos. It was a 7-on-7 game of beach Frisbee and I understood the rules by watching the game for some time. That’s when I got interested.

Pics from the Chennai Ultimate Beach Frisbee tournament

But, like a lot of things, getting interested in something is one thing, following up on the interest is another. I had dropped the disc on that one. I didn’t have enough time or friends or motivation… the retinue of excuses.

In Jan 2015, some months back, I joined a startup and made a friend (Bajji) who was part of one of the Chennai Ultimate teams and had also represented India in the #WCBU2015. I told him that I was interested in the game and would like to join his practice sessions. He welcomed me with open arms, as the sport is still in a novice state in India.

Last week I went with him for some practice sessions. Today, I just finished the third session. First couple of sessions were just throwing the disc. Backhand throws I’m familiar with, that is how anyone naturally throws the disc. But I was really fascinated by the forehand throw. I haven’t got it right, yet.

Coming to the fall, today’s session — the third one — was different. My friend Bajji asked me to play defense. I have not run in the last 7 years, I guess! I walk a lot but never ran. So, I knew it was going to be a little tough, especially in the loose sand. Played for sometime and then came a wide pass. I ran towards the disc and I felt losing balance, my feet couldn’t reach where my body weight had already shifted trying to reach the disk. And I tumbled, fell, bruised my knees and elbows. I got up and played some more!

I was happy, I just felt like falling off the bike learning to ride it, remember that feeling? My wife and I had a good discussion and memories of our falls learning to ride a bike. In retrospect, those moments however painful at that time, was so useful to learn something new.

You can either fall down, never get up or get hurt, get up, play some more. In retrospect it will be worth it!

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