GarageBand and Zoom meetings

Joe Jobbs
2 min readApr 7, 2020

So, you want to use GarageBand as audio source of your Zoom meetings.

Install one of these virtual audio devices:

I’ll use Black Hole.

Add Multi-Output device

  • Command+Space Audio MIDI Setup > Create Multi-Output Device
  • Select your main audio interface and BlackHole
  • Select Drift Correction for BlackHole
Multi-Output device that includes BlackHole

I named the Multi-Output Device as MultiOutBlackHole.

Make GarageBand output to the Multi-Output Device

  • Command+, > Output Device: MultiOutBlackHole
  • I’m adding two tracks as an example: Audio track (microphone) and virtual instrument track (piano).
  • Both tracks will record simultaneously (Track > Configure Track Header > Record Enable > And mark both tracks to record)
  • Audio track has Input Monitoring set as well.

Zoom uses Black Hole as mic

Now, you can sing and play the piano. You can adjust volumes of each track in GarageBand.